Shearline Manager Software

A Software package to allow real-time monitoring of shearline production

The Shearline Manager program is similar to the USB option, but with the ability to monitor the shearline in real-time.

The controller is compatible with the .OUS file format. RMS developed the .OUS file format over 20 years ago as a format for computer-optimized rebar shearing data. These files can be generated by most of the rebar production software companies including Application Software, Soule Software, ASA, and others. Luckily, most rebar fabricators already use rebar production software that is capable of generating these .OUS files.

The Shearline Manager software will allow .OUS files to be sent to the Shearline controller. The software will also monitor the real-time progress through the run. Estimated time to completion is given for each bar size. Estimated cuts-per-hour is configurable, and actual cuts-per-hour is continually being recalculated as long as the shearline controller is working on the current run.

Communication is achieved using a 3-wire cable using the RS-485 industrial standard. This allows the shearline controller to be located up to 4000 feet away from the office computer running the Shearline Manager program. The office computer is equipped with a USB to RS-485 converter.

Data entry is eliminated at the Shearline Controller. It makes sense to utilize the data that is already entered into rebar detailing software.

Optimization by rebar production software, when used properly, has many benefits and features. Using this software properly can help your shop run faster and more accurately.

RMS Shearline Manager Software is compatible with all new style controllers with a color LCD display.

Shearline manager is compatible and fully tested with the following operating systems:

Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8.