RMS Bender Micro Controller

The RMS Bender Controller is a clear winner with the brightest, most vibrant display in the rebar industry

The RMS Color Bender Controller is designed around the newest in Color LCD technology, the sunlight readable panel. Not only is the display brighter than those in previous RMS Controllers, it is the brightest and most vibrant display available in the rebar industry. The display was originally marketed for Automated Teller Machines and was designed to be easily viewed, even in direct sunlight. Competitive controllers use an older technology that just can’t stand up to sunlight. If you have any doubts about the suitability of this display for your application, just ask us and we will loan you a controller so you can see how bright it really is!

At the heart of our controller is the H8/3007 Microcontroller. This CPU runs cool enough that it does not require a heat sink or fan, and boot-up time is virtually instant. We are able to achieve this by writing software that is highly optimized, running directly through the CPU without additional loading of an operating system. Our CPU has proven itself a winner in tough environments!

The incoming power circuit has been redesigned to incorporate active tracking power filtering technology. This technology protects the CPU from power surges and electrical noise generated by other shop equipment.

To supply DC power the the CPU, we have employed the use of high reliability industrial power supplies. These power supplies boast a wide input voltage range that will accept anywhere from 100 to 240 AC volts. Oftimes, line voltage from the power company is higher than expected, or power can fluctuate on a regular basis. Using our controller, you don’t have to sacrifice safety or reliability.

Software is now more user-friendly than ever before, eliminating hidden features, and presenting all functions in one central Setup Menu.

Now Safer than ever! The controller monitors the foot pedal, encoder, and neutral switches. Any malfunction detected by the controller is instantly brought to the operator’s attention. This controller will also allow you to wire in a Jog (manual override) switch, and display any pertinent information about emergency switches that have been triggered.

The RMS Color Bender Controller is adaptable to most conventional rebar benders. Get rid of that controller that you can’t see in the sun! If you have an existing RMS bender controller, we can usually upgrade your existing controller with new components for a cost that is less than a new controller.