RMS Shearline Micro Controller

The RMS Shearline Controller is a clear winner with the brightest, most vibrant display in the rebar industry

The RMS Color Shearline Controller is adaptable to almost any shearline, including DMI, CRS, and KRB shearlines. It isn't uncommon to see our controller on our competitor's shearlines, because of the high degree of reliability offered by our controls.

Cal Cut Feature:
The Calculate Cut feature is a valuable tool that will allow the shearline operator to optimize rebar production for the least amount of scrap. This type of optimization happens at the machine without the need for third-party software. It offers more flexibility than other optimization strategies, because the shearline operator can make adjustments on the fly instead of being locked into a computer optimization routine.

Machine Setup Feature:
This feature will allow you to set up the controller for virtually any type of shearline. This option is password protected to guard against accidental change or access by other than maintenance personnel. Once your controller is set up for your machine, you should not need to change these settings unless the controller is used on a different type of machine.

Unload Anywhere:
This feature will allow you to dump rebar at any location on the shearline. This allows you to maximize the storage of your bin pockets.

Software is now more user-friendly than ever before, eliminating hidden features, and presenting all functions in one central Setup Menu.

Unlike many of our competitors, our controller can be easily unplugged and serviced. Most shearline controllers shipped to us for service can be repaired and shipped out the same day.

The RMS Color Shearline Controller can be fitted with a USB port that will allow the operator to load cutting data using a USB flash drive. The USB option is designed to accept the .OUS file format, which can be generated by ASA, Soule, Application Software, and others.

Also available as an option, the controller also supports real-time machine monitoring, through the use of Shearline Manager software. This software uses an RS-485 hard-wired connection to the office to communicate with the shearline controller.

Now Safer than ever!