RMS Spiral Micro Controller

The RMS Spiral Controller is a clear winner with the brightest, most vibrant display in the rebar industry

Hoop Mode:
Hoop mode is designed to make circular hoops or semicircle shapes. The hoop mode automatically shears the bar each time the correct length has been reached. When in hoop mode, the Spiral machine will automatically make hoops, one after another by simply stepping on the foot pedal. The machine will continue until the specified number of hoops has been made.

Run Mode:
Run mode is designed to make spiral shapes. After the operator has set the machine up properly, run mode will cause the machine to make a spiral shape with the correct number of turns. Shearing is manually operated when a spiral has been completed.

Diam Setup:
Diam Setup Mode is designed to help the operator figure out how many encoder counts to enter into the controller to equal 1 turn (This is very useful for controlling the number of turns on a spiral shape.)

Feed Mode:
Feed mode has several uses. Feed mode was designed for feeding or unfeeding the bar from the machine. Feed mode is also used when adjusting the drive rollers to properly straigten the bar. Furthermore, Feed mode is also used when you are trying to figure out what settings to use to adjust the Radius Roll.

Manual Mode:
Manual Mode will allow you to use the machine without having to enter any data into the controller. All of the fields (Hoops/Turns, Dia Count, etc.) will be ignored. The encoder will be ignored while you are in manual mode. Once in manual mode, all you need to do is step on the foot pedal and adjust the speed pot to run the machine. The horizontal motor and the shear can be operated with the shear key and the horizontal motor switch