Rebar Fabrication Equipment

Shears Shears RMS Hydraulic Guillotine Shears:

 The highest capacity shears in the
 industry. Our unique hydraulic
 regen system allows our shears to
 quickly and easily stroke through
 a full load of large diameter rebar.
Table Benders Table Benders RMS Table Benders:

 Designed for most general bending
 shapes, RMS Benders are the gold
 standard in the rebar industry. It
 isn't uncommon to find a 30 year old
 RMS bender still in operation.
Spiral Bender Specialty Machines RMS Specialty Benders:

 Several specialty bending machines are
 available. The RMS Spiral machine is the
 only spiral machine in the industry with
 all driven rollers. The RMS Radius machine
 is very popular with operators because it
 has an adjustable speed control.
Shearlines and Conveyor Systems Shearlines RMS Shearlines and Conveyors:

 The RMS shearline is the
 clear leader in the rebar
 fabrication industry. No
 shearline can stand up to
 abuse day-after-day like
 an RMS.
Double Bending Systems Double Bending Systems RMS Double Bending Systems:

 RMS Double Bending Systems
 are the most advanced double
 bending system in the industry
Spreader Bars Spreader Bars RMS Spreader Bars:

 RMS Spreader Bars are engineered
 and built using the latest revision of
 ASME Spec. B30.20 and BTH-1: Design of
 Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Control Systems and Software Control Systems RMS Control Systems and Software:

 The brightest, most vibrant color
 display in the industry. Software is
 feature-rich and user friendly while
 maintaining compatibility with Arnold
 /DMI equipment. New features include
 tight integration with detailing
 software and the ability to load with
 a USB thumb drive.