RMS Bender Gauge

An Automatic measuring system compatible with all RMS, DMI, or Arnold rebar benders

The New RMS Automatic Gauge Table is performing even beyond our own expectations. One of the objectives of this new table is to enable non-experienced bender operators set up and safely perform their bending.

Among our customers is a company in Arizona with virtually no rebar fabrication experience whose main concern was being able to accurately and productively complete their growing bending requirements on time. Utilizing the RMS Bender Gauge Table, coupled with a Bar Code Scanner and an RMS #11 Bender, they are not only meeting their delivery schedules, but they are utilizing bender operators with virtually no bending experience.

The complete set-up of the bend, including compensation for the bar “creep” is all done automatically. Most importantly, their bending manhours are among the lowest possible, since the Gauge Table has eliminated the necessity of the “extra person” required to simply hold the bars on a chalk line.

The Air Kickoff System makes it much easier and less difficult to kick bent bars off the table onto storage slides for tying and tagging. “One Man Bending” is completely possible on many types of bends when utilizing the new Gauge Table.

Like all our machinery, the RMS Bender Gauge System conforms to UL Standard 508A Industrial Control Panels and is Certified to CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.14-05 Industrial Control Equipment

Contact RMS for more details on this new and innovative system.

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