RMS 411 Shear

Modeled after the 611 shear, the 411 shear is a real workhorse

The RMS 411 shear features our unique re-gen that is often imitated, but never duplicated. Every time you press the shear buttons, you will hear the the smooth, fast operation of the RMS hydraulic system.

The 411 Shear is completely self-contained and is compatible with virtually any shearline. The shear can be custom built to the passline height of pre-existing conveyors. It can be operated by almost any type of controller. Manual operation through a set of buttons or a foot switch is also possible.

The heavy-duty hydraulic rebar hold down keeps bars steady while they are being cut. The reverse anvil automatically deposits short ends into removable scrap bin which is provided. Optional entry table includes drop section, endo stop, and powered conveyor rollers.

Machine is equipped with entry and exit guards to protect personnel from the shear blade. The hydraulic pump will shut down automatically when either of these guards has been opened. Machine can also be equipped with a walkway gate and limit switch to shut down conveyor rollers when opened.

The 611 Shear was engineered to require very little maintenance. Despite the fact this machine is a much higher quality unit than any of our competitors, our pricing is still very competitive.

Compatible with mini or full-sized shearlines.

Like all our machinery, the RMS 411 Shear conforms to UL Standard 508A Industrial Control Panels and is Certified to CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.14-05 Industrial Control Equipment

411 Entry Conveyor
Shear Exit Guard